ManpowerGroup – Year in Review

2019 Annual Report

2019 Year In Review

Message from Jonas Prising, Chairman & CEO

“We are convinced that it is the workers of the future who will shape the future of work, and we can play a major part in making this come true.”

Letter to Shareholders

Financial Highlights

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Closing the Skills Gap:

What Workers Want

The need for a Skills Revolution — which we first predicted four years ago — continues to be the defining workforce challenge of our time. Today, every organization and every individual needs to continually reskill and upskill, and every company needs to be a talent company.

Our Sustainability Plan

At ManpowerGroup, we believe businesses have a responsibility to provide value to all stakeholders and be a positive contributor to social change. Our business was founded on this principle more than 70 years ago — and that dual purpose still holds true today.

Our Brands

Our workforce solutions across more than 75 countries and territories are positioning us as a creator of talent at scale — leveraging our deep industry expertise and understanding of what workers want, so that we help organizations address their complex workforce needs while advancing the careers of hundreds of thousands of individuals.

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