ManpowerGroup – Year in Review

2019 Annual Report

2018 Year In Review

Message from Jonas Prising, Chairman & CEO

“The future of work and the future for workers will be one where organizations and individuals augment their capabilities with technology and achieve more than they ever thought possible.”

Letter to Shareholders

Financial Highlights

Daily Volume
$136.02 / $62.59
2018 Share Price High/Low
Illustration of people and technology, on a rainbow background. Humans Wanted: Robots Need You

From the impact of technology on jobs, to overcoming talent shortages, managing millennials, and achieving gender parity, our research and insight help organizations and individuals prepare for the future of work and the future for workers.

Our Sustainability Plan

We believe in duality of purpose and have done so for more than 70 years. To drive better business outcomes we have a responsibility to our shareholders and must be a positive contributor to societal change.

Our Brands and Offerings

As the leading global workforce solutions company, with our diversified geographic footprint and business mix, we provided skilled talent to hundreds of thousands of organizations across 80 countries and territories in 2018.

Image of a group of ManpowerGroup employees sitting in front of ManpowerGroup's Purpose wall