Innovation & Insight

Innovation & Insight

As organizations transform, ManpowerGroup provides clarity around what workers want and delivers on what companies need: data-driven insights, innovative workforce solutions, and the deep workforce expertise of our people.

  • Assessment to Predict Performance
    Assessment to Predict Performance

    Talent shortages are at decade long highs and the need for skills has never been greater. To succeed, companies need to attract and retain the best talent. Through our Global Assessment & Analytics Center of Excellence, we build scientifically validated assessments in order to provide a deeper understanding of human potential and the ability to improve or predict performance — nurturing learnability and employability and matching the right person in the right job.

  • Creators of Talent at Scale
    Creators of Talent at Scale

    In the midst of a Skills Revolution, companies need to reskill and upskill at scale. Our MyPath program has expanded to seven countries and is delivering faster and higher placement rates, increased re-assignment rates, better skilled, better utilized and more motivated, increasingly loyal associates.

  • Our HR Tech Stack
    Our HR Tech Stack

    PowerSuite is our integrated HR tech stack of best-in-class, AI-enabled tools with in-depth analytics and insight to attract, develop, manage, and coach people at scale. With seamless integration of plug-and-play features, PowerSuite can be rapidly deployed to optimize HR processes and address an organization’s most pressing workforce challenges.

  • Thought Leadership & Expertise
    Thought Leadership & Expertise

    As a leading authority on the world of work we are widely respected for our thought leadership, research and workforce insights. Our Talent Shortage report, Skills Revolution series, and quarterly ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey are just a few of the insights that employers, governments, and individuals depend on to prepare for the future of work and the future for workers.

Closing the Skills Gap: What Workers Want

Closing the Skills Gap:

What Workers Want

The need for a Skills Revolution — which we first predicted four years ago — continues to be the defining workforce challenge of our time. Today, every organization and every individual needs to continually reskill and upskill, and every company needs to be a talent company.

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Solving the Talent Shortage

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