We know that digitization and data alone does not bring value. It is our vast access to people, clients and jobs, together with our aggregate data around interactions, experiences and outputs, plus our meaningful interpretations that will enable us to deliver new differentiated value. That is how we can create the insights and actions that bring data-driven behavioral change.


Our MyPath program leverages assessment, insight and data to provide personalized guidance and career development to reskill people at speed and scale for in-demand roles in finance, cloud and sales.

IT Cloud and Infrastructure Pathway

MyPath Career Progression

  • SkillsInSight

    SkillsInSight is our latest proprietary assessment to help candidates identify their strengths, work preferences, skills and potential so we can facilitate the perfect match.

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  • PowerSuite™

    PowerSuite is our HR tech stack, enabling organizations to drive tech-enabled efficiency and productivity via cloud, mobile and analytics.

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Thought Leadership & Insight

We have been predicting the trends shaping the future of work and for workers for more than 75 years.