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As global workforce experts, we connect millions of people to sustainable and meaningful work every year and find skilled talent for hundreds of thousands of clients across 80 countries and territories.

People and organizations turn to us for unique insight and practical solutions on the most pressing workforce challenges. From the impact of technology on jobs, to overcoming talent shortages, managing millennials, and achieving gender parity, our research, reports and recommendations help organizations and individuals prepare for the future of work and the future for workers.

Our Talent Shortage report is the largest human capital study of its kind and our Skills Revolution series provides a real-time view of the impact of automation on jobs. Employers, governments, and individuals look to our quarterly ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey to predict where the jobs are and the skills employers are looking for. We regularly survey more than 40,000 employers across more than 44 countries and provide practical solutions to help employers understand the skills they need and find the best talent for the digital age.

Talent Shortages and the Skills Revolution

The fundamental need for human capital and the importance of workforce strategy is as strong as ever: 45% of employers around the world struggle to find the talent they need(1) – the highest in 12 years – and 87% plan to increase or maintain their headcount as a result of automation(2), according to our 2018 research.

Skills are the passport to growth and upskilling is on the rise. 84% of employers plan to upskill their current workforce versus just 21% in 2011(2). More than ever, employers have an important role to play in upskilling and reskilling people for in-demand jobs so people can achieve continuous employment.

Cover image of ManpowerGroup's Thought Leadership Humans Wanted, Robots Need You. Released in 2018.

Humans Wanted: Robots Need You

Skills Revolution 4.0

Robot workers replacing human jobs - the debate of the decade. In reality, the opposite looks true.

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(1) Solving the Talent Shortage, ManpowerGroup, 2018

(2) Humans Wanted: Robots Need You, ManpowerGroup, 2019